My Method of Therapy

From personal experience I learnt that the 'Body and Soul' has the potential to heal itself when I'm ready to listen to it.  I recognize time and again the potential of our limitations and difficulties to prompt self-realization and experiences of success.

Many years ago, participating in a certain workshop revealed to me how the world of dream and imagination combined with 'Body and Soul' can facilitate the creation of change in our personal, interpersonal as well as professional lives.

In my work I use creative tools such as: movement, voice, drawing, work with clay and spontaneous writing. These tools help create an experience.

The uniqueness of the treatment I offer, lies in combining the experience with verbal processing which then leads to insights and change.

People who come to me are not required to have any background or ability in dance neitherdo they have to possess creative skills.  I believe whole heartedly that "Creativity in its essence, is the ability to react to each situation that influences us,with all the human resources' diversity that is in us"(Paolo O'Neil).  In the therapeutic process, I encourage my patients to discover and realize their potential.

Taking all the above into account, the success of the therapeutic treatment lies first and foremost in the nature of the relationship created between the therapist and the patient.  Without the ability of the therapist to listen to the patient with an open heart and to show empathy, the dialogue between the two will be ineffective.


Karni Ishai