?How did it all begin

My itinerary as a therapist began when I participated in 'Free Dance' sessions in Jerusalem. This was where I discovered a new space enabling exploration and personal expression through a free and liberating experience. I joined those sessions immediately after my eldest daughter's birth, with a newborn passion to express the joy of my becoming a mother.

It is within this new and allowing space that my professional development began. There, on the dance floor, I first heard the notion of 'Movement Therapy'. From that point, it was but a short way to take up studies in the USA, which exposed me to a new world of knowledge and experiences in the realms of the body and the soul. This led me to the acknowledgement of the body and the soul as being one entity.

As part of my studies, I participated in a workshop on dreams with a Jungian orientation which also combined the arts. That workshop revived in me past dormant dreams and memories. From that experience on, dreams began knocking at my consciousness' door and became an integral part of both my inner and my daily life.  Today, dreams are my companions for the road…

My encounter with Jung's doctrine and the 'Active Imagination' method, led me as a movement therapist, to combine the space of dream and imagination, together with the body and movement. This professional development  led me to expanding my training and becoming a Jungian analyst. Jung's perception of imagination as a 'body and soul' experience, have been absorbed into both my professional and personal lives to make them one.

Today, I find myself in an ongoing process of development and growth. Motherhood has facilitated my connection with the body and movement, being a grandmother has released in me the playfulness, residing in my 'Body and Soul'since my childhood. My patients teach me about strength and the ability to cope, and, at the same time, stimulate my humbleness and empathy.In fact, all the above mentioned elements blend together and constitute for me 'The Dance of Life'. 

In my workshops I offer the participants an opportunity to be in a process where they can connect with their strengths and personal resources to face difficulties and to use them as a springboard toward growth and development.


Karni Ishai