Mrs. Karni Ishai a Jungian Psychoanalyst and Dance Movement Therapist from Israel. Karni is a leader in processing dreams through the arts, combining "Active Imagination" with body work.

Karni developed a unique modality for healing trauma and developing resilience by integrating different channels:  body work, active imagination through the arts and dream work. She has been working for over 27 years with diverse sectors of population in the realms of mental health and education.

In the present she is lecturing and supervising in different training programs for therapists and handling -a privet practice.

Karni graduated her Master degree in Expressive Therapy and Dance Therapy from The Arts Institute at Lesley University in Boston, USA. Later she enriched her professional education and became a Jungian Psychoanalyst.

In those years she also professionalized in different techniques working with psychotrauma, such as EMDR. S.E. and Focusing.

Karni Ishai